My Apologies

Hello Readers, if you’re out there. I wanted to apologize for my long breaks between new articles. I recently submitted a reworked version of Recreation Hypothermia to the World Nomads Travel Scholarship competition and I did not win. I have been reading through the winning entries and am thoroughly impressed and see where I have plenty of room to grow. That being said, I’ve realized that I can’t do three things poorly and would rather do one thing well. As the school year is coming to an end, leaving more time for my personal writing, I’d like to focus on making my novel as great as it can be and get it out to agents. That means I need to take time to focus on it 100% and not feel guilty about not writing articles here. Sadly, that means I will be taking a hiatus from Goode Travels.

I hope that the muse will move me a time or two and I may come back to share an anecdote or some local travel suggestions, but I’d like to remove the pressure from my life to have to do so. One day I hope to come back to this on a more regular basis as well. For now, I bid you adieu and will leave you with some of my favorite travel photographs I’ve taken from around the world.

One day soon, I do hope to come back and write a few stories surrounding these photos.

My trip to Peru with my brother in 2015-

I desperately wish she had stepped a little more into the light when I took this shot, but I didn’t want to take more of her time.
Some boys playing in the markets of Cuzco


Three couples kissing simultaneously. Friday Nights in Cuzco.
The best street food is from little old ladies.
The fog parting to reveal the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu

Czech Republic and Berlin 2009-

A view from Prague Castle
Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic
Detail on the Astronomical Clock in Prague
Boy contemplating adding his own pee to the David Cerny pissing statue
The Communist Era dorms of Prague

New Zealand 2008-

A flower blooming at the top of a glacier.

America – Date Forgotten



My brother taking photos in Sedona, AZ. I don’t know why I’ve always loved this photo but I do. Maybe because he was my first photography teacher.

At that, I hope I have left you with some glimmers of hope for future articles when my time will be best served to write them well. It has officially been a year since I started this little travel blog and I am so proud of it and don’t hope to let it linger for long. Good bye for now and thanks for reading.

*As for the featured image above, I mean no harm. I see it as a playful farewell to myself from some gnomes in Berlin who I wish I had brought home with me in 2009.

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