Some Favorites from the Year

If you are coming to this blog for the first time, I thought I would share some of my favorite posts from the year, either that I think are my best or that have been clicked on the most. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for new posts once my hiatus has come to an end.

Recreational Hypothermia

(Click on the Iceland category tag for all Iceland stories. I would say the whole series is some of my best.)


Race to Gaggan

(My most viewed post about my adventure to get to a Michelin star restaurant through the traffic of Bangkok.)

Rosé and Cigarettes

(A sensual trip through Portugal.)


(A trip to Tahoe with some friends in which a blizzard drastically changes are plans.)

Warning: Some of my posts might be a little gritty, first drafts with low brow humor. If that isn’t your thing, I apologize, but please poke around and see which posts might be your favorites and let me know – either through sharing with friends so the post view number goes up or by leaving me a comment. Thanks!


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