My Apologies

My Apologies

Hello Readers, if you’re out there. I wanted to apologize for my long breaks between new articles. I recently submitted a reworked version of Recreation Hypothermia to the World Nomads Travel Scholarship competition and I did not win. I have been reading through the winning entries and am thoroughly impressed and see where I have plenty of room to grow. That being said, I’ve realized that I can’t do three things poorly and would rather do one thing well. As the school year is coming to an end, leaving more time for my personal writing, I’d like to focus on making my novel as great as it can be and get it out to agents. That means I need to take time to focus on it 100% and not feel guilty about not writing articles here. Sadly, that means I will be taking a hiatus from Goode Travels.

I hope that the muse will move me a time or two and I may come back to share an anecdote or some local travel suggestions, but I’d like to remove the pressure from my life to have to do so. One day I hope to come back to this on a more regular basis as well. For now, I bid you adieu and will leave you with some of my favorite travel photographs I’ve taken from around the world.

One day soon, I do hope to come back and write a few stories surrounding these photos.

My trip to Peru with my brother in 2015-

I desperately wish she had stepped a little more into the light when I took this shot, but I didn’t want to take more of her time.
Some boys playing in the markets of Cuzco


Three couples kissing simultaneously. Friday Nights in Cuzco.
The best street food is from little old ladies.
The fog parting to reveal the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu

Czech Republic and Berlin 2009-

A view from Prague Castle
Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic
Detail on the Astronomical Clock in Prague
Boy contemplating adding his own pee to the David Cerny pissing statue
The Communist Era dorms of Prague

New Zealand 2008-

A flower blooming at the top of a glacier.

America – Date Forgotten



My brother taking photos in Sedona, AZ. I don’t know why I’ve always loved this photo but I do. Maybe because he was my first photography teacher.

At that, I hope I have left you with some glimmers of hope for future articles when my time will be best served to write them well. It has officially been a year since I started this little travel blog and I am so proud of it and don’t hope to let it linger for long. Good bye for now and thanks for reading.

*As for the featured image above, I mean no harm. I see it as a playful farewell to myself from some gnomes in Berlin who I wish I had brought home with me in 2009.

New Vibes

New Vibes

Hello Everyone! I am freshly back from my vacation in Thailand and between the bombings that rocked the country, my slew of injuries and the different experiences that I had over the two weeks, I’m not quite ready to process the experience and synthesize anything for this format yet.

That being said, I thought I would take the time to re-brand, in some sense, since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.

It’s only been five months since I started this blog (Whoa! Not that long but still kind of amazing how the time flies) and I’ve been blown away that you, the reader, are actually reading it. I may not have thousands of followers (yet 😉) but the fact that the number of people following the blog keeps increasing, never ceases to amaze me. So thank you!

I have learned a few things since I started. One being that I wasn’t that great on continuing to suggest a book tied to the country I was visiting. I think this has something to do with not wanting to do more work in this arena outside of my day job. It felt too stressful and not the part I looked forward to each week. So I will no longer be doing that, not that I was anyway.

The other thing I learned was that by keeping myself to a weekly deadline, some posts would be inherently better than others and that I have a tendency to default to what elementary teachers would call potty humor. I’m not saying I won’t continue to do this but it has made for some interesting conundrums when thinking about fellow colleagues reading the post, parents of my students or possibly even the students themselves. But I am a librarian, so freedom of speech and access to information takes priority. While I may be aware my content isn’t kosher for everyone, I may not stop writing with controversial comparisons either. We’ll see.

So how shall we move forward? I would like to hear from you. What have been some of your favorite posts so far? What did you like about it? What countries would you like to hear more about or do you want to hear about countries I haven’t written about yet. On my travels around the world I have been to Italy, Greece, France, Australia, St. Marteen and more. Maybe you’d like to hear about some of these places. Let me know.

I also try to shy away from itineraries and travel suggestions as this site is more about sharing an experience through writing than the alternative (and there are so many other bloggers that do that sort of travel writing better than I do), but if you would like to have something more in the form of a list of places visited or what I liked when I was there, you can tell me that too and I’ll consider it for a mid-week post or something to put as a resource on the blog.

I’ve also gotten these really cool business cards. The first ten people to leave me appropriate comments about what your favorite articles were and why and what you’d like to read about next will receive a signed photograph and business card.


Well, I hope you keep reading and traveling. I hope to hear from you all in the near future! Until next time…

How it All Began

How it All Began

When I was 15, my high school English teacher decided to chaperone a literary travel tour of England to stop one of her Senior students from blowing all the money she had saved for travel on clothes instead. I can’t say this girl made the best life choices. She would later sneak out of my hotel bedroom window in a suburb of London to go meet a boy she had met on the Internet and this was before the days of MySpace let alone internet dating…think about that, I will highlight it for emphasis: PRE-MYSPACE! But I won’t judge her because this England trip was the start of all my travels.

While riding around on our swanky E.F. Educational Tours coach around the English countryside, I turned to my teacher and told her my dream had been to always go to Italy (you know the dream I had had for all of 2 long years in my adolescence). I wondered if she could host another tour there. In the way only a teacher can sigh, she took one long breath while staring out the window and responded that she couldn’t even think about it for next year, but perhaps the year after that. (I know these sighs now that I, too, am a teacher. More on that later. That sigh meant, “God, wouldn’t that be great to go to Italy but you guys are driving me to my last nerve and I would have to be an idiot to do this to myself again.” *See girl who snuck out bedroom window from above.)

Luckily, I was a Freshman and I could wait it out and two years was just long enough for my teacher to have post-trip amnesia and plan another one to Italy. This time she had the sense to bring along her teacher friend, Ms. Culbertson. Her reasoning was that with two of them it would be easier. Unluckily for her, boys signed up for this one and there was drinking involved. (Ms. Culbertson wrote a fictional YA book based on it, Instructions for a Broken Heart, check it out.)

Because of the self-sacrificing trips of my English teachers, it was official. I was hooked. I had to travel. I had to add more stamps to my passport. I had to drive around in large coaches where the seats felt like dog hair shaved too close and hotel rooms were always carpeted in a dusty shade of rusted metal brown. For the next ten years, I would sign up for more independent, group travel than one girl in her 20s should (most people would assume tour groups were reserved for the over-60 set). I would choose a profession that allowed me to travel for 6 weeks at a time and sometimes over holiday breaks as well. I would quit waitressing jobs when opportunities came up to go to Caribbean islands for free and give up my car so that all my expenses could go to my next plane flight (the two equaled out in carbon emissions in my mind.)

And that has lead me to here. Writing a travel blog. I have ten years of travel experience, 22 countries visited, a degree in Creative Writing that’s never been used and a love of reading that accounts for the travel book suggestions peppered in as a bonus (I became a Teacher-Librarian, after all). If that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is.

Here are the things I will promise to deliver:

  • A quick read once a week
  • A sense of place or at least my experience of it
  • A travel suggestion or two (by way of links)
  • A book to read either about the place or just for fun while you travel

I hope you read Goode Travels with a sense of wonder and abandonment. I hope you enjoy it and have a laugh or two. Let’s be honest, I hope you share it as well, cause we now live in a post-post-MySpace era. More importantly, I hope it inspires you to travel and see the world, hop on an airplane, a rickshaw, a bus and the closest interstate to your home. Get outside, see something new and tell people about it, cause that’s what I’m going to do.